Monday, August 21, 2017

Rush Hour (1998)

Jackie tries to hold onto Hollywood in Rush Hour

Written by Jim Kouf and Ross LaManna
Produced by Roger Bimbaum, Jonathan Glickman,
and Arthur M. Sarkissian
Directed by Brett Ratner

Uninspired reconfiguring of "48 Hrs." (1982) with the comic relief in the starring role and a foreigner as the sidekick. Everyone remembers the aforementioned blockbuster for a young raw Eddie Murphy and everyone will likely remember "Rush Hour" for Chris Tucker, who owes so much of his hyper-sensitivity to Murphy. What they won't likely remember this decent action-comedy with a talented cast for is Jackie Chan, who by the late 90's had finally achieved his dream of being recognized by the American public. Stymied by the Hollywood filmmaking process, insurance companies, and allegedly by his difficulty of getting along with Tucker -- Chan, the world's biggest action star, makes the most of what precious little he's given to work with but most of the best moments are in Tucker's favor when "Rush Hour" really needed to be of equal measure to reach its potential.

With Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Ken Leung, Tom Wilkinson, Tzi Ma, Julia Hsu, Elizabeth Pena, Rex Linn, Mark Rolston, and Phillip Baker Hall